Hazel Findlay – Injured

Here is a little short we made about being injured.. it happens to the best of us! Click the link to watch!   http://tv.thebmc.co.uk/video/injured-hazel-findlay  


It’s been a long two weeks. It feels like we’ve slept on at least 10 different couches in about 5 countries, although 3 countries and 5 different beds is more accurate, along with… Continue reading

Why I Walk Shoot Number 1

A lot of people I meet don’t like hillwalking, but they end up doing it a lot because of the sport they’re into, like climbing or skiing or mountain biking. No matter how… Continue reading

Stonesmith- Climbing Holds by Malcolm Smith

  Getting wind that Malcolm Smith was starting to make climbing holds was  exciting  to say the least.  I had climbed a little with Malc over the last few years but not being… Continue reading

I am a Gym Climber

I am a Gym Climber, I reckon that 70% of my climbing is spent in a sweaty climbing gym, and this is really where most of my hard climbing goes on. Sure I… Continue reading

The Final Leg

I should never have written a post about the great time we had in Spain – things were bound to even themselves out. As soon as we crossed the border into France in… Continue reading

Do You Spain?

When we got home for Christmas in December, I was really, really happy to be there. Our first stint on the road for Epic TV was a lot harder than we expected –… Continue reading

Fun In Finale

It was getting cold, and I mean really cold. The nights agonisingly long and the days shorter and shorter. Slowly we came to the realisation that  it was the wrong time of year… Continue reading

Checking Out Czech

Wow – once the Epic ball gets rolling it really picks up speed. It feels like our second episode of Europe’s Best Crags just came out, (give it a watch below) and before… Continue reading

Switzerland is Swell – a Video to Prove It

Al and I were last living on the road in 2009 when we explored Canada and the States in a little blue van for five months, and since then I must have thought… Continue reading