March/April 2010: Fontainebleau

Since coming back to the UK I’d been struggling to find work, but I knew booking a holiday would seal the deal. And sure enough, a fortnight before we were due to fly out I was offered a full-time editing position. I took it, but also took the majority of my holidays and went to Font for two brilliant weeks. So much for a summer trip…

At Bas Cuvier, Font
Craig Marshall at Bas Cuvier, Font

Apart from the rain dodging, it was an awesome trip; good friends, good climbing and a plastic house all of our own! I’ve been to Font four times now, and always found it a bit frustrating because I was never as strong as I’d have liked to be. I’m still not, but after a summer of non-stop outdoor climbing and a winter of trying to keep up with Alex at the wall, I felt better and bolder than ever. And it was great to climb with the girls… it’s hard to share beta with a 6″3 man sometimes!

Clare at Bas Cuvier, Font
Alex on Rude Boy, 7a

While out there I was took thousands of pictures and notes for a first-timers guide to Font, coming out in Climber this October, look out for it! It’s not a definitive guide by any means (has anyone noticed the lack of good guides for this place?) but it’s somewhere to start at least.

Alex coming out of the shadows, 7a

Alex flashed and onsighted 12 7as and sent harder too, a sandstone rampage! Now he has a plan to climb every problem in the forest one day, and I have a feeling he’ll do it.

Talking beta next to Eclipse
Tom sending Eclipse, 7c
Our plastic house.

The trouble with being overly psyched on photography is none of your friends bring cameras so you end up without any photos of yourself… maybe not such a bad thing. We spent some time taking promotional shots for Clare’s little business, Custard Climbing Creations, cosy beanies gallore!

If I had to recommend one problem from our whole trip, it would be La Lune at Apremont, 6c. BEST HEELHOOK EVER. Oh, Font. Can’t wait to see you again.

Jen x

91.1, Font

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