This is it.

So we have decided to go right on and make a blog. It took a lot of deliberating, but we’re finally doing it for better or worse.

The reason it has taken so long to get round to is because every time I try and get down to creating one I ask myself “what do I have to say that any one would want to hear?” The answer to this question has always been NOTHING. But the other day I was reading the blogs of people I really look up to in the climbing world and decided what they were talking about was pretty simple stuff. The key is that they don’t just write about themselves and their feats but the feats of others and those that inspire them, thus inspiring me! Now I know some pretty cool people and they all definitely inspire me, so to do the small community we live in justice I thought I would start this blog to spread the psyche.

By the way we are Alex Gorham and Jen Randall and among other things we climb.

But I have written enough, here are some pictures to get this thing going (taken by Jen


Alex at Lost Rocks, California

Last summer we had a pretty amazing experience that’s been hard to get over: living in our Ford Aerostar and climbing at some of the best spots between Vancouver and Joshua Tree for six whole months.

Missing the tick, Squamish BC

The journey opened our eyes to what life can be… simple and exciting! If only we could make that lifestyle permanent… I came home from that trip with £2 in my pocket.

Alex on Tatonka, V8, Squamish BC

So much fun in Marble Canyon, BC
Dinner in Camp 4, Yosemite

It’s scary watching your bank account go nowhere but down, but at the same time you just can’t beat living in the dirt. In our six months we drove 12,000 miles, visiting Lost Rocks, Moonstone Beach, Castle Rocks, Joshua Tree, Bishop, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Smith Rock, Skaha, Squamish, Marble Canyon and Leavenworth. So many amazing places, but there are so many more we to visit, the list is endless.

Jen winning a bet at Lover's Leap, Lake Tahoe.Alex after a session on Zombie Roof, 5.13a, Squamish BCFinishing off The Grand Wall, 5.11, Squamish BC, on our final day.
Finishing off The Grand Wall, 5.11, Squamish BC, on our final day

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