needing sum magic.

Today I came home and the dog had eaten my sofa. It’s cool, I dont really like futons anyway, but it got me thinking.. this guy is psyched when he wakes up in the morning, he just has it,  he greets you like he has not seen you for years and seems to spend the rest of the day with the same attitude, even when he is tearing into the sofa. It’s bad but at least he does it with gusto!

I  however am lacking what he has when it comes to climbing these days. In one month I am off to Magic Woods with some psyched people for a couple of weeks. This is great, I wouldn’t want it any other way, but I have started to become somewhat lost. I know what I want – to climb well on the trip. It’s just I have sort of lost my way when it comes to achieving this goal. I think up until now I have not really ever trained. Sure one week with a weight belt here another with dumbells there is all good and well, but almost irrelevent in the big picture.  Up untill now I have been climbing lots and that has been all I needed, but now I am at a stage where simply giving it a go is not working anymore. It’s not how often I do it  but how I do it that is becoming more and more obvious as the path to take. So as of now I’m going to reshape the way I look at things. I know I have a lot of weaknesses, so I might start by looking at them, but first up I’m going to take a leaf out of Crux’s book and chew all the  sofas that come up really, really well. Hey, why walk when you could run.

Right, I don’t expect anyone will get this far, but if you do I have been getting into taking photos recently and here are the results.


Crux-The man with the plan


mr bean showing us how its dun in cambu.

A Tree near limekilns

Merlin and his steed on a big day

its flat in Diss

The new flat

sum women deep in conversation


up a big tree.

Gemma and Merlins wedding lights

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