It’s Been a Funny 6 Weeks…

It’s Saturday night, I’m at home working on an edit, for some reason with X-Factor on in the background, while my friends are at a gig and Alex is in Magic Woods. This is a situation that leaves me feeling a little strange. And Crux just farted. But I’m getting used to things being a little strange these days, which ain’t all bad.

Al styles it out at Bowden Doors.

It started with a trip to Northumberland and a crimp I caught with my middle finger… bam! A claw hand and a swollen, black and blue palm. I was out for a month.

It's hard to photograph a bruise, so I labelled my injury accordingly. It looks like a little old man hand.

But lucky for me, Brilliant Pictures filled the climbing gap in my life, with shoots for The Adventure Show at a Canoe Slalom and the World Youth Climbing Championships at Ratho, which got me psyched out my mind to get better and climb stronger!! I really need to start taking my camera to those shoots.

I got to hang out with Cubby Cuthbertson at Ratho all day, always nice to soak up some knowledge from a local legend.

Also happening with Brilliant Pictures, my Introduction to Fontainebleau is now in glorious print in Climber Magazine, and tonight I’m editing a chunk of Posing Production’s Psyche II, chipping away at a sequence of Leo climbing in South Africa on this lonely Saturday night. I even had a letter published in Rock and Ice…

This month's Climber, go buy!

Speaking of Posing Productions, on my way home from seeing Alastair in Lancashire (that’s about 200 miles from Glasgow) my car broke down on the motorway and alas, will require more pennies than it’s worth to fix. Every time I head that way something happens to my journey, last year floods and two missed trains, this year a broken car and a hefty towing fee to get back home. Today, in spirit of my weird few weeks, I sold my little vehicle to, who no doubt ripped me off, but in rememberance, here’s a picture of our first repair job on that terrible car of mine (which they didn’t notice on their inspection by the way).

glory days

To top off these last few weeks of oddness, last night I went out on the town with my parents to see a band from Vancouver, and they drank more than I did. My parents are living the dream these days, cruising around America and now Scotland in their camper van, making friends with cool musicians in clubs. Today they gave me a bunch of climbing magazines from the US and now I am feeling RESTLESS. Come on Brilliant Pictures, let me live the dream too!! It is getting hard to juggle my little business and the day job, so maybe I’m finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

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