Brand New Year

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This is because we spent a good 4 months helping with renovations on the new flat, then we moved into it. And that, as we discovered, takes up A LOT of time. I never want to see a heat gun or paint stripper again. But now we’re in and it’s lovely. Phew!

DIY. Photo: Jen Randall

But let’s move on to October, when we controversially broke free from renovations and escaped to Magic Woods, Alex for two weeks (that was the controversial part) and me for 5 days to write about it for Climber Magazine. What a place. So beautiful, so quiet, such cool bouldering. Alex was on fire, something about him and granite boulders mean they get along very well indeed.

Me on the other hand, well it snowed two feet on day two of my visit, then I re-injured my hand. But hey ho, I got a few 6c+’s under my belt so can’t complain. The article should be out this Spring, then we can post some more photos.

Swiss Mountain. Photo: Alex Gorham
Alex doing his thang. Photo: Jen Randall
Not long before I re-injured my injury. Photo: Alex Gorham









Spending time in the mountains got me pretty de-motivated for going back to work but pretty psyched for all things climbing related as you can probably imagine. I’d known for a while my job wasn’t the right one for me, so as of December 23rd, I finally did it, I walked home from that office for the last time. It’s the first time I’ve been without a plan for something like a decade, but while I was pretty scared, I felt happier than I had been in a looonnnggg time. Plus, being your own boss means a nice long Christmas break, and Christmas meant Crux in a bowtie, what could be better? It’s been an exciting time – my birthday, a new start, a new flat and I think I might just have got the job of my dreams….

Oh yeah and a new wide angle lens!

Dapper! Photo: Jen Randall
Sister with binoculars. Photo: Jen

Then came 2011, and at 3.30am on January 2nd Alex and I hopped into a friend’s van and drove to Fontainebleau for ten days. I don’t know where we left our psyche though, maybe the cold took it? Last time we were in Font I couldn’t hold myself back, but this time we both found it hard to get motivated for anything more than the odd problem here and there, which is especially bizarre for Al. I ended up spending most of my week watching boys climb and Al spent most of his time wondering what was wrong with him. Font, lovely as you are, I think we need a break.

The Cassidy on Magic Bus. Photo: Jen
Alex doing his thang some more. Photo: Jen
The Rage on something slippery, Buthiers. Photo: Jen
Me and the big reach. Photo: Alex Gorham


Waiting for a ride. Photo: Alex Gorham

P.s. Did I mention Psyche II? Go watch it.


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