It was two years yesterday since Alex and I set off in the snow, in our new (old) van, for the adventure of our lives. I miss that time so, so much. I always assumed we would get to do it all again and soon, but as we all eventually discover, life takes over and suddenly it’s hard to escape.

On the road, Castle Rocks, CA. Photo: Alex Gorham
Arizona Beach, CA. Photo: Alex Gorham

But it ain’t all bad of course! We’ve been in Glasgow for 17 months now and we’ve come to love it in a lot of ways… good friends, a wicked flat, I’ve got a job I love, Al’s half way through uni already and of course, Crux is around to cheer us up if we ever feel blue.

January, Kelvingrove Park. Photo: Jen Randall
Best stick ever. Photo: Jen Randall

I wrote a short article about the move from Squamish to Glasgow and climbing in Dumbarton, it’s a little late to try and advertise it, but it was out in last month’s Climb…

March issue of Climb, pg 59!

Until it snowed yesterday it kind of felt as though winter might be over, and my head was suddenly full of ideas for things to do this Spring and Summer. But the question is, will I do any of them? I always make big plans but rarely see them through these days. Climbs I almost do but don’t, films I think about a lot but don’t film… Maybe if I make a list I’ll have to do them all.

One of my plans is to make a short film about two girlfriends and I trying to send some projects this season. I’ve been climbing the same sort of grade for years now and I feel like it’s time to get better. Coincidentally, Team Woman seems to be on the up in Glasgow these days – we ladies are climbing together more, training more, running together and I love it. I was lucky enough to be asked to write an article on female psyche and role models within climbing for Climb Magazine, out next month. It’s time more women climbers realised what they’re capable of and went for it, myself included!

Gemma. Photo: Jen Randall

So my creative focus for this season – if you can read that without barfing – is going to be female climbers. A film, lots of photographs and maybe another article. Trouble is, since leaving film school I haven’t made one film. I’ve shot, edited and written for other people which has been awesome, but nothing of my own. I can’t work out if this is because I don’t think my work will be perfect enough or if it’s because I don’t want to do it anymore. I think I do want to do it, I just need to get started. Maybe I’ll start today.

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