Climbing in Socks with Dad

Like all good trips home this one started with a visit to the beach and then a bath. I didn’t take picutres of the bath, but as for the beach…



East Sands, photo: Jen Randall


Staircase on the Pier, photo: Jen Randall



East Sands Sunset, photo: Jen Randall



Then, like all great trips it continued with packing a lot of stuff into a car and driving for a looong time. The mission? To hang out with Dad, remember how to place gear and to visit London Wall at Millstone Edge. I’d say all were accomplished.Trouble was, it was kind of cold and it rained a lot. But Dad and I are a pretty cheerful pair so we weren’t really put off. Who says playing cards in the back of the van and climbing with socks on isn’t fun?


Dad winning cards... smug. Photo: Jen Randall
Left Unconquerable in some rare sunshine. Photo: John Randall



Why London Wall all of a sudden? Glad you asked. As part of the spreading of the Glasweigan Team Woman psyche, three of us have picked tricky projects for the season and are going to try and send them. I don’t know about most of you out there, but I tend to talk about getting fitter/stronger/better without ever properly going for it over a period of time. But this year is going to be different! And we’re making a film about it for the wonderful Posing Productions – there’s a reason to make sure we follow through if ever there was one. We’re not sponsored, we’re not a part of that rare ‘talented’/mega genes breed, we’re just girls who reckon if we put our minds to it we could climb something reasonably hard. Which is where London Wall comes in – that’s my goal, and although it was too wet to pull onto the other day, I think I’m in love. Although I’m sure that feeling will come and go.


London Wall, photo: Jen Randall

The first time I laid eyes on the route for real, I hoped it wasn’t what I thought and checked the guidebook to be sure. Yup, London Wall in all its glory. I felt panic, and took that picture to stick on my finger board.

Over the next couple of days I got into trad mode between rain storms, then came back to it to ab down. It was slimy, but oh man it was cool! The panic subsided and I was only excited, shabba!

Excite!! Photo: John Randall

I’m not one of those blessed with the ability to look cool in any attire, especially not my egg helmet and two hefty jackets one on top of the other…. but it was cold and there were loose rocks on top… any cool tips let me know.

Checking out the holds. Photo: John Randall

I just got back from our mega trip this evening and am back in my cupboard with my computer as you can tell. But if our trip has reminded me of anything, it’s that trad is ace, as is Dad, and London Wall better look out! Now it’s 8pm and I am going to drive to the climbing wall and try to get strong. As a finisher, some trees and clouds. At least all that rain rewarded us with some spectacular skies!

Peak District Sky, photo: Jen Randall
Peak District Sky II, photo: Jen Randall
Peak District Sky III, photo: Jen Randall
What does this sign mean??? photo: Jen Randall


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