so… i get back from a rainy font with a battered ego and  even more damage to my psyche, the remedy..  SUN! so i mount a fingerboard, find sum free weights in an ally and make a pullup bar out of a drain pipe and tennis balls.. its on! the motivation for all this Albarracin.

its not that easy to sum up but i took the camera so hopefully it becomes clear.

learning something new (alex gorham)


Tom summing it up.

One of the most striking lines we encountered was the above roof, Im not sure what tom was up to but he is clearly psyched. It climbed for a good couple of meters  on amazing holds and ended with a crux top out  summed up below by james learning the hard way.


one of the nicest things about the group that was out is that over the trips we have taken together before we have somewhat moved away from grades, not because we disagree with them but more we started to notice in a topo-less magic wood that we were far surpassing our limits because there was no internal pressure from “i should be able to do this”. to some it might sound stupid and i agree it is hard to make work but every one of the best bouldering days of my life have been topo-less. check out the line not the number. on the subject of lines ….

like a bow


we all managed to climb some stunning lines of all grades, Im pretty sure we all left with a personal best under our belts but more amazingly we all managed to do our  projects psych, i managed to climb a lot more in the double digit spectrum which has made me so motivated to get better i want to be able to climb every cool line i see no matter the grade.

Thank you so much to the people that made this trip possible! good job on the car tom and the “cigar/lea” prow! and olive for driving the tunes and sorry for getting mad wen you took my seat…just dont do it again! and james for defining customer and then redefining it with tech don pepo, cant wait for magic in October!


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