Back to Dumbarton

Al studies while the wolf looks on. Photo: Jen Randall

It’s been a pleasant few weeks. While Al has been busy revising, I’ve been visited by a great old friend who joined me in getting pumped to the max (rad) at the wall and visiting Limekilns for the first time this year. But I don’t have any pictures of that because we were having too much fun to think about cameras.

Gemma by Loch Lomond. Photo: Jen Randall

When Al hasn’t been revising lately, he’s been unleashing on Dumbarton, with a send of Pongo Sit last night – extra special since it was Scotland’s first 8a/V11 – and a new line on that boulder all the new lines go on called Butt Head (some kind of variation on Head Butt). Sweet!

Al on Pongo (sit start). Photo: Jen Randall

This time last year I was pretty determined to dislike Dumbarton even though everyone we met there seemed to love it. They all said it took a while to get into it, turns out they were right. These days I’m pretty fond of Dumby and find myself wanting to go there. What?! I even went last night just to take pictures. Now that’s love.

The warm up block. Photo: Jen Randall
Chris on Tour de Technique. Photo: Jen Randall

I’ve been trying the sit start to Toto lately, I can do both halves but haven’t put them together yet. The crimps at the start are so small it feels like they’re going to snap my fingers off, so that’s fun. It is a cool problem though, let’s hope I actually send it instead of never quite finishing it as with most of my projects. Does everyone over analyse how they attack projects? And if so, any advice? I usually say I’m going to do it then get too hungry to try very hard – convenient phantom hunger pains?

Moi on Toto (sit start). Photo: Alex Gorham

It got too dark to send it that session. Hey ho. Here are some other pics of the funny old place that is Dumbarton. Thanks for visiting, enjoy!

Toto Graffiti. Photo: Jen Randall
Jonny spotting. Photo: Jen Randall

Jeans on Super Size Me... Photo: Jen Randall
Tower and Mountain. Photo: Jen Randall

Bit of a lack of lady action here, I’ll remedy that, don’t worry team woman! Speaking of team woman, check out this month’s Climb magazine I wrote an article for… it’s a peach!

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