Bad weather and good days

so the weather here has been pretty rubbish of late, as soon as the exams are over the heavens have opened and ruined all plans of regular trips to Dumby and further afield but the few times we have been out have been amazing and defiantly worth the wait.

first up was a pretty cool trip down to Hepburn in Northumberland, with big plans we were all disappointed to drive down in heavy rain, then as we got closer…it still rained and as we pulled up and got our stuff out the van…. it still rained….as we walked up to the boulders it was still raining but amazingly the one boulder we came for was dry in fact dryer than i had ever seen it, weird but i have had a lot of failed days out due to rain so i was owed a miracle.

the boulder we came for was Northern sole.. maybe one of the best problems in the land it has everything: Crack, Slab,Slope,Pocket,Smear,Crimp,Side-pull, finishing jug,Good landing,and its high. what more could you want?

This image is of craig marshall moving up to the high slopers early last year

here is blez testing the landing.

Every one had a good go a it Blez managed to do it i good style for a man who claimed to have no technique, And Steve and Dan made really good progress and frankly should have dun it but no problem we are off down again this weekend(weather permitting)  so Steve gets another pop and i can try and work out the outer problem on the boulder Preparation-H which looks amazing.

                                                                                                                                                          Just before the big send

we have also been getting sum token days down at dumby which as always is as frustrating as it is rewarding but this crag gets sum bad rep as it is a little frayed and grubby but in actual fact its really beautiful and well worth the visit, I have a sneaky felling that everyone comes home saying it is a shit-hole because the get there egos handed to them by the stiff grades and odd movements required to climb there and have a convenient excuse not to return. any way its a belta, enjoy.

hope the weather gets better soon.

on a not so climbing note, i have been getting the camera out more and more to try and get better at the technical side of things, i have been using the 35mm lens lots which i really like as you have so much freedom to play with the settings as its completely manual, here are the results so far.

Mid fingerboard coffee

  Tunnel to Secc

A small mans lunch

                                                                                                             yup definitely overdosing on the shallow depth of field now…

                                                                                                                                                                                 st bees

                                                                                                                                                               Back home

saw mill at sunrise


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