A Little Black and White

I KNOW, I KNOW, we have all heard how big, tall, steep, epic and world class the new wall soon to open its doors in Glasgow is going to be. Well, yesterday was the first time I have been truly excited about it. Previous visits have left me excited but not so much from a climber’s perspective, more from the perspective of someone who likes to meet new people and see new places. Yesterday however,  I walked into the best climbing wall in the world. Off cuts and scaffolding are being replaced by aretes and stemming corners, visions of big steep walls are being replaced with even bigger and steeper realities. I am some one with a very single track mind. All I want to do is go climbing on the biggest and best looking lines around. And it seems I am not the only one who thinks like that – the visionaries behind the TCA wall design have the same idea, and have harnessed some of the coolest features around for the Glasgow climbing community’s pleasure!  And with a managment team that has an average climbing grade of something like 8c there is a wealth of knowledge behind the setting and general running of the place that is going to be critical in making it the best climbing wall around. Watch this space for a video we’re working on of it, just to add to the psyche. Alex

This is where the images of TCA finish and strange pictures of a dog’s reflection and a micro sandwich begin.

A little lunch.

Say what?


The flat in the early days.


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