Lady Love

Loch Lomond

It’s been one month since we got back from Squamish and I feel like we were never there. My warm squamishy feelings are fading into little memories again and so is the sunshine… It is nice to be back home though, catching up with everyone and hanging out with Crux, something I definitely missed in Canada. What a guy.

A few ideas I got out there have definitely stuck with me though. Firstly I got my hair cut shorter (some of you will understand what a big deal that is) because frankly it was getting a bit much. Secondly, I’ve been extra motivated to do lots and lots and lots of work. Lots.

It’s been almost three years since graduating from film school, but finally I’ve made a short film from start to finish, thanks to the awesome Posing Productions who gave me the opportunity. It might just be a guide to bouldering in Squamish, but I’m proud of it and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too – it should be out and about on the world wide web next week, excite!!

Shooting in the forest. Ahhhhh....

I’m also close to completing a (very) short film for our good friends at the TCA, and I’m looking forward to more collaborations with them in the future, as well as gaining some massive guns from climbing there because mine are a little puny, let alone Al’s.

Me and my pro set up in a typically glamorous location.

As you can see I bit the bullet and forked out for a kit that means I can make movies at last! After using one in Squam I went for a Canon 5D and it’s a lot of fun! Monitoring your sound and making sure things are in focus can be a tad challenging (hence the glasses on my head), but it must be the most affordable way these days to get awesome picture quality.

Outside the world of rock, I've been hanging with the ladies. My good buddy Sarah is getting married next month so last weekend it was off to her hen do! And may I just say how impressed I was by the tough swimmers in her family! It might have been Ellie and I that suggested it, but we were last into the freezing water and the only ones with any clothes left on...
A fierce cup cake decorating competition. (Note the willy straws, an integral part of every hen do).
I didn't realise we weren't meant to eat them.

Another special lady I’ve been scouting the park for locations with is the wonderful Natali McCleary, dancer extraordinaire. Between us we’re planning to push the boundaries of dance and film, a tall order but I think we’re on the way… We just need to find a minute to go shoot something.

Who needs ballet shoes?

So as you can tell there hasn’t been a lot of sending going on – this summer for me has been the same as most others. I get going in the spring, spy out a few projects, the weather deteriorates and so does my psyche so I don’t end up sending anything. At least we got to play in Squam, but for the time being it looks like that might be it for this year! Booo. London Wall, Toto Sit, you’ll both just have to wait.

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