Slice of Squam – the movie!

In the office.

I’ve been involved in a whole bunch of films over the last couple of years, from knocking on Posing Productions door in 2009 and leaving with a chunk of The Asgard Project to edit, to writing and editing educational shorts for Twig full time. This however is the first film I’ve thought up, shot and edited myself since university, and I loved it. The weather didn’t co-operate, meetings we made with locals fell through and Tom didn’t send all that much in the few days we had with him (couldn’t you have done Worm World while we were there you baffoon?!) but Alastair Lee was kind enough to lend me his camera and Al was sending almost everything he touched so I was pretty determined not to let the team down, and I hope you agree that we ended up with something pretty neat, a little slice of our beloved Squam for everyone to enjoy.

Huge thanks to Posing Productions, my hero Alex Gorham, Nick Gibb, Tom Russell, James Russell, Fraser Strachan for help with sound and a particularly massive thanks to Kelpe for the amazing music – check out his stuff!

Enjoy the film… Slice of Squam

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