Apologies for the title of this post, it got into my head and I couldn’t get rid of it.

I have to say, it’s fun watching the TCA build. This is a new kind of project for me and I’m looking forward to flicking back over all these photos and putting together some kind of timeline. It’s also a good feeling just to be involved and soak up some of the psyche in the building – it might not be open yet but the dudes in charge here are certainly doing a good job of building a community around this old warehouse, and I’m happy to be part of it. Check out a short film I made of the build with the help of Posing Productions here on the TCA blog. Big thanks to Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gates for the music and the locals for taking part!

 At this point the wall is at a cool stage – some bits are ready for the route setters like the walls below…

(I know a lot of people have commented on how photographs don’t do the grand size of the walls here justice. But I think it’s worth commenting on how amazingly small I’ve made them look in these couple of shots. That takes skills not everyone has.)

While other areas are still at the bare bones stage of what they will become…

So there’s still a lot to do, though I’ve no doubt the progress will continue at rip speed. What really struck me today were the in between areas, in particular a feature I’ve named The Monster because it looks like a snake sort of thing that no one seems to notice looming above their heads. Or maybe I’ve been watching to many alien movies lately. In any case I imagine the day I get to the top of that thing will be a momentous day indeed, and I’ll probably need some one to lower me off it.

I was also impressed by Tom’s dedicated hoovering while I was there. Do many people love their workplace so much they hoover the walls? No. And just to redeem the sense of scale I’ve been trying hard to portray over the last few weeks, Tom is over 6ft tall… (and yes, if you’ve seen Jonny Bean’s latest photos, we were there at the same time and also yes, the monster has been painted since these photos)!

But some of you, like me, might be feeling a little intimidated by all these overhangs. So just for us, I took a picture of a rockin’ slab I feel has been a little neglected by we photographers. And there’s more than just this one – I’m talking vertical walls, corners, everything! So not only are our guns going to be huge, our footwork’s going to be awesome too. Jen x

The lonely slab. I'll climb you...

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