The Build Goes On…

On Tuesday we went down to TCA to see how things are getting on, as always every one was working flat out and the place is coming on leaps and bounds. The walls are in the final stages of painting and the rest of the building is starting to take shape. The cafe nearly looks like a cafe and the recepton is nearly there as well. On a not so climbing note we were asked upon arrival if we had any ideas about food or cake that could be served in the cafe… Now this is a good sign and one of the many things that strikes me about the TCA is it’s attentin to detail. What’s that I hear? Bristol has a pizza oven and the staff are trained in making proper coffee? Well sounds good to me! Also congratulations to those that got the Duty Managers jobs, i imagine Rob and the rest of the team will make some form of announcement soon enough so I won’t name any names but it’s safe to say they are slowly forming a pretty cool team of people that are going to take this wall from not just tall and steep but friendly and welcoming too.

Tom taping up what is going to be an impressive image.

Probably one of the most exciting developments this week was the arrival of A TON of foam that will soon become our landing from those heady heights. What blew me away was that this is just half of it… and that’s a lot of foam.

Alan toils on.

Then my day concluded with another fingerboard and a session at GCC, man you gotta love student summers! Al.

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