Sunsets and Highballs

I’ve been to Bowden Doors in Northumberland many times and thought I was kind of bored of it. But last Saturday our stupid friend Tom came for a visit, and he’d never been down there before, so Al offered to show him around. My word it was stunning – sunny, windy, warm, with rain storms tearing towards us and disappearing just before they hit. We spent our day on classics like The Lightbulb, Child’s Play, His Eminence, Vienna and Working Class (I got off the sending train after His Eminence as you can imagine.) Here are some photos of an awesome day.

Tom soon to meet THE sandy foothold on The Lightbulb...
The dudes.
Al cruising the high moves on His Eminence.
The cruise continues...
Tom came close but he didn't quite nail it.
He did tick Flying Fish though.

So that was Saturday. Yesterday we made our weekly visit to TCA, where there is now a cobra keeping an eye on things. We even got to witness the first ever holds being put up especially for us to take a picture, what an event to partake in. As ever, muchos excited. Jen

It was awesome to see these two monkeying around… ha.

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