Now There Are Holds On It!

It’s been 10 days of let downs punctuated with parties to even things out a bit. Alex is 21 and my good friend Sarah is married! Another reason to celebrate is that Monday saw the start of the mammoth task that is covering the walls of TCA Glasgow in routes of every grade. The route setters are being trained and holds are going up fast to create lengthy circuits that are going to get us all FIT. I for one am very, very excited. The setting team will be introduced to the world next week some time, until then, here are some pictures of the first batch to be put through their paces. You might recognise a couple of them…

It was hard to resist the cobra.

Something the lovely route setting chief Giffer remarked on was that he’s never seen so many female setters at a wall – something to be excited about I reckon. Glasgow definitely has an awesome Team Woman and it’s great that TCA is supporting and encouraging that. Speaking of ladies who crush, on November 5th Shauna Coxsey is hosting a Women’s Climbing Symposium in Liverpool which sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll be there filming for an old project brought back to life and hopefully you’ll be there too!

It’s also got be noted that a lot of effort is going into the quality of problems both easy and hard. The routes created in the session I was around for were no harder than font 5 or V1/2, but they were still a lot of fun to climb with interesting moves and challenging sequences… something I feel not every climbing centre pays much attention to. So good job all!

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