Sarah Getting Married

This one is for my granny – she gets tired of looking at pictures of rocks, so I promise you now Gran there will be no rocks in this post!

Last weekend was my good friend Sarah’s wedding – a new chapter in her epic love tale with Stuart that started 10 years ago in McDonalds, which is funny, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen her eating there. It was alarmingly emotional seeing her all dressed up as a bride, she was so elegant and lovely it blew my hat off, and despite the rain she smiled all day long and I’ve never seen anyone as proud as Stuart, who also looked spiffing by the way. I’m sorry the pictures aren’t better – I didn’t have my photographer hat on for the day, instead I wore my teary friend hat so I just took a few snaps on my compact digi, which I should really get to know better.

I was at the wedding with four good friends from uni and it was hard not to reflect on our years at art school together. Back then we were all chubby cheeked, silly, naive, confused about boys, excited about booze, stressed about coursework and overfamiliar with the Union. Now three of us are married, one has a baby, two of us have doggles, we live all over the place as we carve out our careers (?) and rarely get together anymore. It always amazes me how people can be such a constant part of your life then spin away until you hardly know anything about what they do or who they do it with anymore. What’s really amazing though is not all friendships seem to need constant attention – they’re as strong now as they were then, no matter how long it’s been.

That's me with Chloe's lovely baby! Me and a baby! And some champagne.

So thank goodness for weddings – one thing that gets us all back in one place again, if only for a day and a night.

Comrades. Gemma looks insane.

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