Gotta Love Weddings!

A couple of weekends ago two friends of ours tied the knot in Pitlochry. We had the honour of being the official photographers, which is a task I find both epic and awesome. Epic because the day is long and important and you only get one shot at capturing it, and awesome because as the photographer you are witness to every part of the day from start to finish, and end up with a series of images that tell a beautiful story. Magic. Am I getting a little gushy? It’s only because I love weddings so much and this was a special one for even more reasons than seeing Al in a suit!

Kris and Steph are one of the smiliest couples I’ve ever met so it was easy to take good  pictures of them both. I’m grateful they picked us to shoot the big day, I love a wedding where everyone pitches in. Did I mention I love weddings? I wish Kris, Steph and Molly all the happiness in the world, they deserve it. To watch a slideshow I put together of the day’s events click here, bet you cry!

Please don’t steal the pictures. Hooray for weddings!

Proudest man ever?

In other news, TCA Glasgow is so close to officially opening its doors it’s a bit like waiting for Christmas. Check out how their test run went here, I for one had an awesome time. But apart from all that good stuff, the weather and dark evenings are closing in so there isn’t much else to report. I’m itching for an adventure but I guess it’ll have to wait until I can amass some pennies and find some sunshine.

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