The UK’s Biggest Bouldering Wall – Video 2

The day has come! As of Friday October 21st, TCA Glasgow is open for business. If you haven’t checked it out yet, or even if you have, here’s the second video we made for the centre featuring just a taste of the climbing on offer as well as some of the characters to be found there. It was my first shot at filming indoor climbing and I have to say a large thank you to (especially) Al for all his climbing, as well as Jackie, Cobra and Rob for doing more climbing and sitting for interviews. It’s been a blast recording the progress from warehouse full of scaffolding to enormous bouldering wall, and I’m psyched to continue documenting its life from here on. Go forth and boulder, we’ll see you there!

P.S Al is off to Switzerland tomorrow, get ready for some Swizzy pictures!!

Swiss Mountains. Photo: Alex Gorham

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