Most people go on holidays to get away from the stresses and strains of the everyday, but climbers well, it’s a little different. It’s a weird one, in some ways being at home and going to work or uni can break you. Repetition dulls the senses, we begin to believe we need things like shinier cars and whiter teeth. Climbing becomes a past-time not a lifestyle, and eventually the stresses of the everyday begin to take their toll. This is why climbing is important. Recently I went to Ticino  and everything on the humdrum clock was re-set. I spent nearly 4 hours spotting a friend in the dark, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  One day it rained  and we spent the whole day in a cave, life on climbing trips is simple and for me the best way to spend time.

                                                                                                                                                         Maybe the best slab climb ever?

The slabmaster basking in it!

So close.

Steve making the big push into the night on harry spotter.

The trip was really cool and the people were inspirational! I have to say that Steve and his efforts on Harry Spotter surpass any tenacity I have seen before, next time you’re all over it! It was amazing to watch Bee waltz up slabs and Blez dispatch 7c’s left right and centre! And thanks to everyone for waiting around in the dark so I could have a session on The Jungle Book, one of many problems I was really hoping to get.

Below are two men giving it sum!

On another note, two exciting things have happened for us climbers. I just got a pretty cool email from our friends at Organic Climbing, the owner  -Josh – is one of the nicest people I have exchanged emails with and his company Organic is the absolute bomb when is comes to pads, bags and chalk bags. The pads are a joy to use and the fact that they can be custom designed is pretty cool too. Josh has managed to sort out a shipping deal so that his European customers can get their pads without much of a postage fee, so it’s $50 for any full pad or simple pad anywhere in Europe. This way, sending the-one-of-a-kind pads from the USA avoids the markup a distributer would add, and everything is kept at the best price possible for us climbers!  Check out a cool video of how Organic pads are made… and add a bit of colour to your climbing!
My friends Tom and Ollie have also managed to launch their website  Tip Juice . It’s hard not to spray pretty hard about this stuff, but since they produced a prototype pot of it about a year ago I have been hooked. It really does work! These boys are also some of the nicest and most psyched people I climb with (even if their chat usually does involve essential oils). So there it is, one sweet trip to Switzerland and some cool stuff to buy.

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