Ladies Night at TCA

I think there’s a bit of a revolution going on. More and more girls are climbing and more and more are psyched to try pushing themselves that bit harder. This certainly seemed the case at The Women’s Climbing Symposium in Liverpool on November 5th, where around 100 women gathered for coaching, training tips, discussion and let’s face it, a chance to compare yourself to your lady-climber peers. I was there to film the event for that film I’m working on, and I have to say, after watching everyone climb and chatting to beasts like Shauna Coxsey, Lucy Creamer, Katherine Schirrmacher, Emma Twyford and Alex Puccio, I left INSPIRED.

My good friend Jackie (bouldering master, check out her pipes when you meet her) was also there to get some ideas for her own ladies night at TCA Glasgow, and I was of course keen to help her out. Our personal experiences have shown that some of our best climbing sessions have been with female climbing partners, when everyone is psyched but no one is taking it too seriously, we can share beta because we’re of similar sizes, and everyone feels comfortable enough to try hard regardless of whether success is likely or not, or whether you’re likely to look silly or not. (Usually I end up looking pretty silly for one reason or another.) I find that these kind of sessions lead to me climbing at my best because they are funny and chilled. So the TCA Ladies Night is an attempt at capturing that spirit and spreading it around a bit more – getting together with our climbing peers, sharing beta, working on our weaknesses and improving our strengths, and making it fun. The first one will be on the evening of Wednesday November 30th, an informal gathering for us to get together, get to know each other and climb. Hopefully we’ll have a couple of pros come and do some coaching a few times a year and give talks etc, but at this point it’s simply an opportunity to come to the centre and crush with some new faces as well as some familiar ones. So if you’re a lady and you climb, come on down!

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