TCA Comp – The Final!

So here are a load of shots from the final of TCA Glasgow’s first competition. As with the previous bunch, all images are for sale, just fire me an email at referencing which shot you’d like and I can arrange this for you. It was awesome to see the effort all the finalists put into working out the problems, or how easy it looked in Nat Berry’s case… inspiring to say the least! Enjoy the photos and ladies, see you tonight for Ladies Night! (I’ve made marshmallow squares…)

Final 5
Final 7
Final 11
Final 12
Final 13
Final 16
Final 17
Final 18
Final 20
Final 21
Final 23
Final 24
Final 25
Final 30
Final 31
Final 32
Final 35
Final 36
Final 37
Final 40
Final 42
Final 43
Final 44
Final 45
Final 47
Final 34

There’s nothing like an epic fall in front of a crowd!

On a side note, I’ve started up a second blog for my film and photography business, Light Shed Pictures, to cover the things I do when I ain’t climbing or taking pictures of people climbing. Check it out here, and happy crushing!

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