CWIF 2012 Qualifiers

Every now and then I get this surge of psyche and feel like if I work really hard I could climb anything given time. This weekend was not one of those moments. I got involved as one of the photographers for this year’s CWIF event, and while it was great being part of it and I’m happy with my photos, as a climber I left feeling pretty darn hopeless because there are SO MANY STRONG PEOPLE I had to face facts – I’m a punter. Which was only confirmed with my horrendous ascent of Pebble Arete at The Plantation yesterday… I nearly fell from the top… oh dear. But I will not be dismayed! Training goes on!

Here are some photos from the qualifying round of the competition this year, held at the Climbing Works in Sheffield. From all accounts the problems were tough to say the least! But something like 300 competitors took a shot at them and Al, who as we know just loves to compete…. came 29th. Good job! As ever please don’t steal the photos, if you’d like a high resolution copy let me know and this can be arranged for a very small fee:

Qualifier 1
Qualifier 2. Alan of team TCA Glasgow considers the jump.
Qualifier 3. Shauna Coxsey surrounded by cameras qualified in 2nd place.
Qualifier 4.
Qualifier 5. Our host for the weekend, Stu Littlefair shows them how it's done. He is the beta machine after all...
Qualifier 6. Team TGL.
Qualifier 7.
Qualifier 8.
Qualifier 9

Nat Berry had a nasty heel injury to contend with, but still came in at 29th in the women’s comp, look at what she’s trying to crimp!!

Qualifier 10. Alan goes for the jump while the team look on.
Qualifier 11
Qualifier 12
Qualifier 13. Leah Crane's turn to consider the jump.
Qualifier 14
Qualifer 15. Ged busts a sweeeet shape.
Qualifier 16. Alex Puccio makes her way onto the slab.
Qualifier 17
Qualifier 18. As does Shauna Coxsey...
Qualifier 19. Mina displays some awesome technique.
Qualifier 20.
Qualifier 21. You know Al's trying hard when he sticks out his tongue.
Qualifier 22.
Qualifier 23
Qualifier 24. Shauna considers the jump...
Qualifier 32. ..and sticks it...
Qualifier 33...and sends it.
Qualifier 25. Gary Vincent beats the span.
Qualifier 26
Qualifier 27
Qualifier 28
Qualifier 29
Qualifier 30. The juniors tackle the steep stuff.
Qualifier 31. A cool feature.

So all in all a good day. Once qualifiers were over the team stepped into the sunshine and headed to Stanage for some bouldering. I’d forgotten how rough grit is! And apparently how to climb. Check here again tomorrow for some shots of the final. Happy crushing!


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