CWIF 2012 – Women’s Final

I focused on the women’s final at this event because a) watching women crush gets me psyched and b) it was clearly going to be a tough comp with lots of strong names fighting for the title. Clementine Kaiser, Gill Peet, Leah Crane, Mina Leslie Wujastyk , Alex Puccio and Shauna Coxsey gave every problem their all. It was awesome to see all this up close, I don’t know how they handle the pressure, the cameras and all the people watching! As ever, if you’d like a high resolution copy of any of the images, contact me at

Final 1. Meet the competitors.
Final 2. Observation period.
Final 3.
Final 4. Gill Peet sets out on the first problem of the final.
Final 5. Clementine makes her moves next.
Final 6
Final 7. An awkward start...
Final 8. Leah was the only person to flash this problem, putting her into an early lead.
Final 9. Alex Puccio sets off...
Final 10.
Final 11... and just blows the last move.
Final 12. Shauna doing what she seems to do very well - finding weird beta and sticking with it.
Final 13.
Final 14. Gill plans her attack on problem 2.
Final 18b. Mina makes her moves.
Final 17.
Final 18. Alex and Shauna both flashed this problem, and were the only competitors to complete it.
Final 19. Meanwhile the men battle it out.
Final 20. Problem 3.
Final 21.
Final 22.
Final 23. Leah was first to stick the dyno.
Final 25. Alex powering her way through.
Final 27.
Final 28. Shauna at the last hold.
Final 29. The fourth and final problem.
Final 30. Mina weighs up her options.
Final 31.
Final 32.
Final 33. How she held that swing I do not know.
Final 34. Alex does awesome falls.
Final 35. Bring on the champ...
Final 36. A worthy win for Shauna Coxsey.
Final 37.

Awesome. For a list of results, go to UKClimbing. Thanks to Brian for getting me involved in this year’s event!

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