It has been a busy week, when i was the proposition with an 8 day trip to Font I was keen, I knew it would be really hot but I thought we could just bumble in the sun and have a pretty mellow time working our way round the forest. This was not the case…… For some reason it feels like I have crammed a couple of years climbing/life experiences into one week! it was amazing! I shall break  it down into some digestible moments.

in the past week we……

Climbed at Raven Tour (classy)

had a night session on brad pit (hard),

reversed into a tree (bad),

got lost (manageable),

went to Sheffield (busy),

went to a movie premier ( download it, its good)

watched  some sends on the Buckstone dyno (Impressive)

 got lost in the dark/fog on the moors (foolish)

 went to Birmingham (crux)

upset a ranger (stressful)

got stopped by the police (best avoided)

 missed a ferry (expected)

reversed into a wall  (bad)

broke the vans brakes (worse)…                                      AND we hadn’t even left the UK yet!!

After arriving in font things started to sort themselves out…….well  for the first couple of days… then things started to get a little strange again, It all started when Tom flooded the van and from there on in we were

harassed by homeless people in McDonald’s , (made it hard to enjoy my burger)

The van actually stopped working and we had to be saved by a tow truck (avoidable/ stressful / financially crippling)

someone tried to break into the van with a hammer while oli was in it (icing on catastrophe  cake)

and we nearly got into a fight over some Mcflurrys.(misunderstanding)

all in all it was amazing that we made it back in one piece it was definitely the most fun i have had in font!

climbing wise it was really good, although 20c highs every day are not optimal sending conditions we still managed to climb lots and explore loads of new areas, the best of these were Petit Bois and Gorges du Houx,  we climbed loads of amazing things and it was totally inspiring watching Tom and Oli do there projects on the last day!  im really lucky to climb with such psyched people! in terms of my climbing i managed to climb some amazing boulders  and get a couple of  milestones done. But always be totally grounded by some of the hardest v3’s in the world!  right enough reading here’s what you have all been waiting for pics of Tomoli

oli v’s jim

Jim wins

5 finger crimp... toms secret weapon!
oli eying up holds in his new juiced T
evening climbing

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