End of Training Block 1

Well Al might be climbing really hard things on actual rocks (he crushed 8a+ in Font, but forgot to mention that in his post), but I have been continuing my training odyssey mostly indoors in a quest to be fit and ready for Yosemite this September. It’s been interesting. I’ve never trained in a focused sort of way before, and all I can really say about it so far is that most of the time my body is tired. Achievements so far? Jackie and I got the complete Turkey Workout down from 4 hours on week one to 2 and a half on week 4, so that’s something. Learning curves? Jumping off the top of too many boulder problems leaves you with dodgy legs – don’t do it. Also, working (more than) full time and training this much doesn’t leave time for anything else except a bit of sleeping.

For the second block of training the focus is still on endurance but we’re mixing it up a bit so we don’t get bored. This means doing routes, hitting the gym and working on endurance circuits at TCA which I am genuinely terrible at. Oh and we’re also hoping to go outside and refresh our aiding skills if the sun ever comes back out.

I have been out a little bit though, spending a whole weekend at Dumbarton during that warm spell which was totally awesome. I came up with a great circuit of around 18 do-able problems to get some mileage which was tiring and fun – something I never thought I’d say about Dumbarton.

So bring on the real climbing. Come on summer, you can do it!

As the mist burns off...

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