Filming Girls Climb

I love how work is going at the moment. There’s plenty of it and it’s varied which is all I can really ask for. I like to do lots of different things because for me it keeps life fresh and interesting. I’ve been itching to get out and film some projects I’ve had in mind for some time now, but the weather is making that as difficult as possible. I’m trying to think of the rain as an opportunity to get all the editing and adminy stuff I need to catch up with done and dusted so when the sun is out I’m ready!

Lounging at Upper Cave, Dunkeld.

The sun sort of came out on Tuesday, and I was ready for it, so I joined some friends at Upper Cave crag at Dunkeld to film the phenom that is Vicki Mayes on some routes there. Watching Vicki climb is inspirational for a variety of reasons – she’s an awesome climber, she has fun and she tries hard to great effect. The main event that day was filming her on sight attempt at Rat Race, a lengthy and awesome-looking E3. It was a good chance for me to practice ascending a rope and also my first time filming a route – quite different to shooting boulder problems as it happens!

Vicki on Rat Race.

Now it’s raining again, but as ever, I’m ready for action when it stops, and now at least I can start putting my documentary together, hazaa! 4 months to go…

Soon these feet will be in aiders on El Cap!

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