magic woods…. not long the noo

I have only got one week until I am off to Magic Woods, and I am pretty excited. This trip has been a long time in the making – when I was 15 I started planning an extended trip to Switzerland that never took place, but finally I can go for an extended period of time and really get into the climbing.

I have been working pretty hard on all my weaknesses (don’t worry im not going to give a list of all my EPIC achievements on a fingerboard or campus board) but I can’t really claim that I have been feeling stronger than ever….. as I went to Wales and climbed …..nothing, Dumby lots and climbed…… nothing… but I’m about to boil over with pent up psyche which should help get me up in the morning!

One of the main things I am exited about is the people that I am going to climb with for parts of the trip, some of the most motivated people around that can really turn it on when it matters, I can’t wait to show them around all the sandbags in the woods!

A big thanks to TCA Glasgow for keeping me motivated and allowing such flexible holidays! Also Bananafingers,  Organic  and Tip Juice for all their help with everything I could possibly need for the trip working with these companies is a real treat!

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