Filming Girls Climb Some More

So this is not the Magic Woods ticklist you may be hoping for… instead it’s a post about the latest chunk of filming for my upcoming film about ladies on rocks, which is proving quite the battle to make for various reasons…

Filming Malham Photo: John Randall

I first filmed with Natalie Berry back in June on a wet day under the cover of Ratho. Nat’s a bit of a hero of mine because she always looks so collected and calm even when she’s holding on for dear life on a route I could never touch. Since our day at Ratho we’ve made dates to film, been rained off, made dates, it hasn’t worked out… but finally we got together at Malham last weekend and it only rained once! The routes we were hoping to film were soaked, but not to worry! As Alastair advised me when chatting about this film – keep going, don’t give up, everything will go wrong… stick with it. Everything is certainly doing it’s best to go wrong, but I’m not quitting!

So Malham. I’d never been there before and my impression was this – it’s a lot prettier than I expected, the climbing looks hard, the cliff is big, the stinging nettles are viscous. But Nat seemed right at home there and was a filmmakers dream – she climbed her socks off pretty much on demand until her skin wore through, thanks Nat!

Photo: Dom Bush

I learned a few things over that weekend, firstly that Robbie Phillips has quite the talent for remembering every move on a route he’s only done once. Secondly, it’s always super to have an extra pair of hands (Will) to help a noob (me) out with the rope work, even if they do eat brown apricots. And it’s rather nice to have your dad there to look after you. Thirdly, however rad I feel while jumaring up a rope with lots of gear attached to me, I don’t look it.Fourthly, I really need a string for my glasses so they don’t fall off while I’m filming, which will surely help with the rad look I’m going for?

cool as a cucumber

I’ve also been inspired by Dom’s foam-padded seat, what an educational weekend it was. So despite getting tangled many times in my rope and slings and whatnot, and despite the sun (yup, sun!)shining over my shoulder so I couldn’t see my little screen for a lot of the shoot, I think it was a good day’s filming. Maybe I’ll get the chance to watch the footage some day soon! But until then I’ve got a film-in-a-week course to finish teaching and a date with Shauna Coxsey in Magic Wood to make on Monday. Oh, wait. She’s broken her leg. Make that Mina Leslie Wujastyk and we’re good! And Al’s there too, bonus. Onwards and upwards, phew.

3 thoughts on “Filming Girls Climb Some More

  1. Hi Jen. I found your blog after seeing the trailer for your Push It film. I just want to encourage you to keep going. As a women climber there isn’t a lot of inspiration out there and I’m really looking forward to your film. I love supporting other women in their climbing and in their dreams (such as filming) and I’m sure other women will feel grateful as well. So when you’re feeling down, or like filming is getting rough, or those multitude of rainy days, think of all the women that will climb harder and be more inspired thanks to the work you’re doing.

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